United We withstand the Coronavirus Crisis

For years, Synbias Pharma has been at the vanguard of anti-cancer drug production, providing much needed research and medicine in the global war against the scourge of cancer. In May 2020, as the world was battling the coronavirus epidemic, Synbias took another major step forward when it’s subsidiary, Gemini PharmChem, began commercial production of anthracycline anti-cancer active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) at its Mannheim, Germany production facility.

The commercial production of these anti-cancer APIs was the culmination of a team effort by Gemini’s employees, shareholders, suppliers, and stakeholders to develop these much needed anti-cancer APIs and to make them available to the public. In any atmosphere or time this would be an amazing accomplishment, but when one considers the strain the coronavirus epidemic has placed on global systems in general and the healthcare industry in particular, then it is all the more impressive.

The potential impact that this step forward will have on the company’s long-term goals cannot be understated.

Gemini’s ongoing production of these anti-cancer APIs is already beginning to pay dividends, as a global production shortage in the anthracycline category of drugs has been alleviating, leading to more treatment options for doctors and their patients.